• Storing the cake/cupcakes prior to event.Cake/Cupcakes can be put in a fridge, however allow cake/cupcakes to return to room temperature before serving, approximately 2 hours. If you cannot refrigerate, then recommended to keep out of sunlight in a cool (65 degrees or below) dry place. Basements work great in summer and Garages in the winter. 
  • Always display cake out of direct sunlight exposure! Sunlight will bleach the colors. Cake will melt in 70+ temps! Store in a cool, dry place that is 65 degrees or colder.If you refrigerated the cake/cupcakes, please allow to come back to room temperature before serving (2 hours approx.). At times fondant can get airbubbles due to temperature change. Simply take a toothpick, prick it, and gently press the fondant  against the cake with a wet flat utensil or wet hand. 
  • Please slide the cake out of box. 
  • Unstack the tiers before slicing. There is foil/cellophane wrapped cake board under cake tiers, slice with care. Remove all 3-D props first. In most cases there are plastic straws/skewers inside to help support the cake structure, remove before slicing.
  • Use a very sharp serrated knife for slicing 
  • Please refrigerate any remaining cake/cupcakes the day of the event in an airtight container. Bring back to room temperature before eating again. Keeps it tasting good! 
  • Icing Coloring, Sprinkles, and Chocolate/White chocolate Decoration & Favors  have the following Allergen information: " Processed on the same equipment as peanuts/tree nuts, chocolate melts contain milk and soy. May contain trace amounts of peanuts/ tree nuts due to common processing equipment”

Cake Cutting Guide

The guide shows how to slice your cake into a wedding slice & party slice serving. The servings are an approximate.
      • 1" w x 2” l x 4” h wedding slice 
      • Party slice is 1 1/2” w x 2” lx 4 “h, yields lesser servings.
      • Anything larger than above measurements yields fewer servings.