Sweet Slice Policy

Sweet Slice tries their very best to accommodate customer's even date. However, both cakes and edible favors are made to order and limited orders are taken weekly.  

Please book well in advance (2-4 weeks minimum) to better guarantee the availability of your event date. 

Please understand the "Policies" are in place because Sweet Slice secures a date and time for you, that means that Sweet Slice is unable to accept any other orders for that corresponding date/time.  Sweet Slice is also guaranteeing the product being purchased.  When ordering a custom cake, these edible artworks are handcrafted  and personalized especially for you from countless hours of meticulousness. By cancelling your order, you are leaving us with an open slot that may not, and most likely will not, be filled by another order. More importantly, the preparation time and initial work done on your custom order will need to be compensated for. For this reason, customer's deposit is unfortunately NOT REFUNDABLE, and Sweet Slice needs to receive customer's cancellation request within our required time frame, or the customer will be required to pay for the balance amount.

To treat all customers fairly, the policy is: First Come, First Serve! Sweet Slice gives each customer 2 days (48 hours) to respond to the emailed formal price quote and pay the 50% deposit.  Beyond the 48 hours, the event date can be reserved by another customer.

  • Sweet Slice will provide each customer a formal quote via email with a written description of the custom order.  Customers can request changes to the design and Sweet Slice will create to  your wishes. 
    • Any licensed/ non-licensed character figurines, toys, special cake toppers are to be provided by the customer to be incorporated into the order. 
  • The 50% deposit is  due at the time of order.  The 50% deposit is non-refundable and completes the placement/secures the customer's order.  
  • The formal price quote is non-negotiable and valid for 1 week (7 days) from email date
  • Orders being placed less than 2 weeks (14 days) prior to event  date,  full payment will be required by Sweet Slice  in order to process the order. 
  • Edible Favors being shipped, full payment required by Sweet Slice in order to process the order.

Pre-Reserve your event date for $35.00 deposit. 

  • The Pre-Reserve Deposit is for customers who wish to reserve their event date on Sweet Slice Calendar and avoid the possibility of  unavailability.  No need to know the theme or number of servings at this point.  The Pre-Reserve Deposit is applied to your order once details & pricing is finalized within minimum of  4 weeks of your event date. The Pre-Reserve Deposit are for event dates beyond the 6 week lead time. *Not applicable to wedding orders. Deposit is non-refundable.

Payment Options  Deposits accepted via Credit Card or Pay Pal only.

  • Credit Card 
               *Balance payment via Credit Card due 24 hours prior or at pick up

  •  Image result for PAYPAL LOGO
    *Balance payment via Pay Pal  is due 24 hours prior to order completion.

FREE for the sender and recipient when you use your Bank Account balance or PayPal balance.When you use a credit or debit card, a fee is applied per transaction. The customer  must agree to cover this cost.

1. First you need to have an account at www.paypal.com

2. Then you login into your account

3. Choose “Send Money to Friends & Family to transfer the funds directly from your Pay Pal Balance or Bank Account. Credit/debit card or any other transactions get hit with a fee. The customer will cover this cost.

4. To: dipali13@sweetslicecakes.com

5. Amount $ US Dollars

  • Cash Payment (only accepted upon order completion)

Sweet Slice upon receiving payment emails out a detailed Order Confirmation-Contract immediately. If you have not received a Order Confirmation via email it means one of two things: 

(1) payment was not received or 

(2) technical difficulty in the emailing process. If you feel the later is true, feel free to inquire about your payment and Order Confirmation. 

Wedding & Grooms Cakes

We Offer A One-Hour Complimentary Wedding Cake Design Consultation

Please call to set up a consultation minimum 6-8 weeks  in advance of event date.

  • Schedule a Tasting for $50.00 at your Consultation. 

    Payment taken at scheduling of appointment via credit card. *Tasting fee is non-refundable. 

  • The tasting fee of $50.00 is applied to your wedding cake order .
  • The tasting includes 2 dozen cupcakes  and 1 hour consultation.  
  • Customer selects a cupcake flavor &  icing  for each 1 dozen. Cupcakes decorated with fondant.
  • Additional selections  of 1 dozen cupcakes for $25.00 per selection can be made.
  • All extra cupcakes are for the couple to take home!

The following payment schedule will be implemented by Sweet Slice:

  • 50%  Non-Refundable Deposit due at time of order.

  • 50% Balance and any delivery/setup charge due 2 weeks prior to event.

All fresh flowers to for cake to be taken care of by customer's floristSweet Slice will coordinate the design of the cake with florist. 

  • Sweet Slice is not liable for any contamination caused by the placement of fresh flowers in the cake.  It is the customer's responsibility to make sure the florist is taking the proper measures to ensure food safety with the placement of  flowers  into a cake. 

Design Changes to Custom Cake or Edible Favors Order 
  • Once the order has been placed it is a formal contract agreement for the product being purchased.  The customer requesting changes to the original formal contract,  must notify Sweet Slice no later than 2 weeks (14 days) prior to completion/event date.  Any changes where materials/labor costs are affected the customer will receive a  new balance due statement  from Sweet Slice. 

Cancellation of  Custom Cake or Edible Favors Order)

  • Cake Orders: please notify Sweet Slice 2 weeks ( 14 days) prior to order due date . Sweet Slice does retain the 50% non-refundable deposit on the order.  If cancellation occurs beyond the 14 day prior grace period and production has begun, the remaining balance is to be paid. If the cancellation is due to an unforeseen circumstance: medical emergency or death in the family, 50% of the deposit amount will be reimbursed.
  • Edible Favor Orders: 
              Shipped Orders please notify Sweet Slice within 24 hours after placing the order  for cancellationSweet Slice does retain the 50% non-refundable deposit on the order. If cancellation occurs beyond the 24 hours grace period, there is no refund.  
            Pick-up Orders please notify Sweet Slice 2 weeks ( 14 days) prior to order due date . Sweet Slice does retain the 50% non-refundable deposit on the order. If cancellation occurs beyond the 14 day prior grace period and production has begun, the remaining balance is to be paid.

Cancellation of  Wedding Orders

  • Please notify Sweet Slice  2 weeks (14 days) prior to Wedding date.  Sweet Slice does retain the 50% Deposit on the order. 
  • If cancellation occurs beyond 2 weeks (14 days) prior grace period of  theWedding date, the remaining balance is still to be paid and retained by Sweet Slice. 

Cancellation of Wedding Tasting

  • Please notify Sweet Slice 1 week (7 days) prior to appointment date. If rescheduling the tasting fee will carry over to the new appointment date. If  cancellation/rescheduling occurs beyond the 7 day prior grace period, a new tasting fee will be charged for the  appointment.  *The tasting fee is non-refundable.

Change of  Date on Custom Cake or Edible Favors Order 

  • Please notify Sweet Slice no less than 4 weeks ( 28 days) prior to event of  the date change. The Customer will incur a $100.00 change of date fee if the notification is less than 4 weeks prior (28 days). The  original formal quote and or/ $35.00 Reserve Deposit does carry over to the new event date, so long as the event is in the same calendar year (*exception are December events).   Sweet Slice will do its best  to accommodate the date change, however, there is no guarantee there will be availability.