Cake Sketch


magical unicorn birthday celebration


I have supplied a rough sketch of the cake (colors may vary due to computer monitor settings). Please note slight modifications to design may be required due to proportions and structural issues. Clipart images are for representational purposes and actual design may vary. However, you will get 99.9% of what you see. I do have a tendency to continue to embellish the cake beyond the rough sketch! **More importantly, if you have supplied a cake image to replicate, I cannot copy the cake exactly for copyright reasons and out of respect for the original designer. My rule of thumb is to change at least 2-3 things, which are shown in the sketch.

The customer will be scheduled to pick up their order. If you have a preference, please make request to Sweet Slice at time of placing order. Do check with your venue as many will store your cake prior to your event.  *Delivery is reserved for wedding events only. Each Customer is allotted a ½ hour for pick up and typically scheduled back to back.  At pick up, I will go over cake cutting /dismantling instructions, therefore, please arrive on your scheduled pick up time.

  • Mon.-Fri. 9:00am-4:00pm/7:00pm-7:30pm
  • Saturday 9:00am-1:00pm
  • Sundays-CLOSED. If your event is on Sunday, pick up will be Saturday. Don’t worry your order will be fine when stored properly. Instructions on Easy Cake Transport & Storage are given in the email. Check with Venue if they will store your cake.

Slice Sizing 

  • party= 1 1/2" w x 2" l x 4" high approx.
  • wedding= 1"w x 2" l x 4" high approx.


1.  S1 Package w/ 2 dozen cupcakes

Serves: 12-14 approx. (cake) + 24 cupcakes = 36-38  approx

Once you have chosen a size/design, please give me your cake flavor/filling selection. Please look at “Flavors” on the website for selections

(swirl flavors for cakes/tiers 8” and larger OR if selected for both tiers.  *no swirl flavors for cupcakes)

6" round cake flavor/ filling:?

2 dozen one cupcake flavor: ?

(icing on cupcakes will be vanilla in order to color) 

Pick up time preference: ?

Price: $234.00- ($10.00)= $224.00

50% Deposit= $112.00

*Note: You are most welcome to verbally express changes and I will create the cake to your wishes.  Any design changes  to be viewed via sketch the customer will incur the design sketch fee of $25.00.